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How Does Zoning Affect Your Property?

By | Development & Zoning

Zoning affects every piece of land in Australia, but it still remains a mystery for many property owners. We’ve outlined what zoning is, how it affects what you can do with your land and what happens when an area is rezoned. What is zoning and how is it determined? Zoning refers to regulations that dictate…

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How Elections Affect The Property Market

By | Investor Tips

2019 is a federal election year, with the date most likely to fall sometime before mid-May. And with this election perhaps more than any other, property is at the centre of debate – with the Australian Labor Party making housing affordability one of its main campaigning issues. With that in mind, we thought we’d take…

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Your Essential Guide To Negative Gearing

By | Finance Tips

Is positive or negative gearing best for investment properties? We break it down and look at what’s in the pipeline for existing and future investors. What is negative gearing? In Victoria, about 6 out of 10 rental properties are negatively geared, according to data from the Australian Tax Office, reported in the press. Essentially, ‘gearing’…

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