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Know Your Responsibilities As A Landlord

By | Renting Tips

Recent changes to Victorian rental laws have given tenants more rights and opportunities, so what does this mean for landlords? Here’s some great information to make sure you meet your legal obligations and avoid fines and headaches when renting your property. It is especially important to familiarise yourself with your obligations if you are managing…

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Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy A Unit In Blackburn

By | Buying Tips

Have you been waiting for the perfect time to snag a property in Melbourne’s east? Well, now’s your chance! With price drops happening across the city, some experts are saying it’s the best time to buy since 2012. What’s more, they’ve singled out Blackburn as a particularly good suburb to buy a unit, with median…

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Future-Proof Your House With Green Features

By | Styling & Interiors

Adding sustainable features to your home has been on the radar for homeowners and property investors for some time now, but does greening your property really add value to it? New research funded by the Australian Federal Government reveals that houses with sustainable features sell quicker and achieve more competitive market prices. Should you go…

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Five Things That Could Kickstart Property Prices

By | Investor Tips

Despite all of the recent talk about softening market conditions, there is still plenty of reason for optimism when it comes to Melbourne real estate. Price falls in property in Australia historically tend to be a slow and orderly correction. Most owners and investors choose to ride things out, rather than sell and risk locking…

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