Zoning For Property Development In Melbourne: What You Need To Know

Damian Coad
November 5, 2017


When it comes to a single dwelling, in the past you could almost build over 100% of your land parcel other than providing for your setback and maybe an easement.

Well, significant changes came about with the neighbourhood residential zone in particular.

Now, with a site pre-March of this year, you were limited to only being able to build two properties on a site and that was of almost any size. The change from this year means that those homeowners that have the larger parcels of land zoned under the neighbourhood residential zone can now build more than two dwellings on that site –
significantly increasing the potential value of that land site.

Now when it comes to other development options, the restrictions come about where they restrict that land size that you can build on. So, provisions now, depending on the land parcel, between 20 and 35%, these spaces must be maintained as open spaces.

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